Will I beep going through the Airport security?

Ordinarily no, however in some cases you may activate an X-ray machine (i.e. ankle replacement or large metallic screws).
If uncertain, take a copy of your X-rays with you.

When can I travel by aeroplane?

You can travel anytime but there are added risks of deep venous thrombosis during the first three months.

When will I be back to normal?

Three months is the healing time for most procedures although larger operations may take up to 12 months.

When can I exercise?

Low impact exercise can begin soon after your wound has healed. High impact (vigorous walking, running and jumping) exercise varies but is usually after 6 weeks from surgery.

When does the swelling stop?

Swelling often increases over the first 6 weeks and then reduces to normal over the next 6 weeks.
This is the normal way the body heals. Rest and elevation helps. As the foot swells it is common to have stiffness and mild nerve pain so attention to swelling is important.