The main reason for treatment of toe deformities, along with the cosmetic issue, is pain from corns or shoe wear problems.

Correction of toe deformities is a far simpler process with minimally invasive techniques.

Many problems that were too severe or complicated for traditional methods can now be treated quite well. Toes can be corrected without the pain and swelling of open surgery.

Use of minimally invasive surgical techniques for toe deformities

Using a combination of soft tissue release and fine bone cuts the toes can be straightened.

You will not see any incisions and sutures are not required. Immediate weight bearing is possible.

In the short term you will require a removable pin in the toe for three weeks. This gives time for the bone to heal and the tissues to stretch into their new position. The pin is taken out at the clinic. It is not painful to remove and takes a matter of seconds.

The corns fall off around 6 weeks leaving a normal looking toe underneath. Toes often swell for longer than anyone wants and may not come back to normal for 12 weeks. Normal life is possible after about 4 weeks.

I am often asked if the toe will move normally.

The answer is that the toe will move adequately but not normally. By the time surgery is needed there has not been normal movement in the toe for years.

Movement of the toe involves three joints. Toe correction only affects one. No procedure can return normal movement, there is always give and take.

Foot conditions and treatments with minimally invasive surgery

The images below show various problems in multiple toes, some clawing, some drifting, some with large callosities.

Some patients have had all toes treated in the one sitting. But for most patients it is usually only one or two toes that need correction.

Please note: These images are of specific patient cases, and each person’s results are different. Please speak to me about your unique case to decide if minimally invasive foot surgery is suitable for you.

Case 1: before
Case 1: after
Case 2: before
Case 2: after
Case 3: before
Case 3: after
Case 4: before at top, and after below

If you would like to discuss your options for toe corrections, please see your GP for a referral, then contact Mark Blackney’s rooms on 03 9417 0762 to book an appointment.